Children of Choba Primary School

Motto: Education is Wealth


We currently have 264 children studying in 7 classes and they attend every weekday between 7.30 and 3pm. All children receive porridge every school day and pay 11p for a huge plate of rice and beans at lunchtime. We use the profit from the school dinners to add milk to the porridge at both Nursery and Primary Schools – this is our first income generating project. This extra nutrition is essential as 11% of our children only have one meal a day at home.

The emphasis at our school is on delivering a much higher quality education than is normally available in rural Tanzania. Our results so far have been excellent and prove that we are doing something out of the ordinary. In 2015 our first intake reached Class 7 and sat the National Examinations for secondary school selection. All Choba students passed, Asha Akida was top girl in Pangani District and we had 2 others in the District top 10. Our school was placed in the top 22% of Tanzania despite doing the exams in English and being in one of the least developed districts.


The school follows the Tanzanian Government National Curriculum. All the children study English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Vocational Skills and Physical Development and Sports (PDS). From Class 3 upwards they also learn History, Geography and Civics. The children play football, netball and volleyball and we have an excellent record in inter-school competitions. We also teach subjects not on the curriculum such as art, music, drama and debating.

Our children really love school, and we have no absenteeism except through genuine illness.


We have 14 highly qualified Primary School teachers, most of whom have degrees or diplomas. They have been chosen for their proficiency at English language, their commitment to our school and their enthusiasm for their profession. Abraham Temu, our Head Teacher, has been with us since the Primary School started in 2009. That year he taught 35 children in Class 1 under a coconut tree while we fund-raised and built the first 2 classrooms.

Education is an on going process, even for our teachers. Head Teacher Temu travelled to London in September 2012 and spent 2 weeks on a reciprocal visit at University College School Junior Branch in Hampstead. He learned a huge amount in a short time and is now busy putting it all into practice in Choba!